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RYOPIN Sarang Hae Yo!
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4th-Oct-2006 03:43 pm - lol RYOPI love.
that sucks it would be nice if PI EVER mention both Ryo and JIn in the same entry thn that will be a totally ryopin ♥ entry! lol i should really get my sis to translate them...

山下智久日记 2006年10月4日

早晚好 (konbachiwa)
今天本来是约好了要和ryo chan一起去看Live的
ryo chan要把我的份一起享受掉喔

啊 转个话题,刚刚在乘到电梯的时候
不过好像我算明白这件夹克在大叔这样年龄里也是很适用的样子 (笑)
那我明天也穿这件吧 (笑)

cred: 辉の岛
1st-Oct-2006 11:05 pm - Adult Ceremony Clips!


wouldn't it be nice if both ryojin was an '85er or Pi an 84er? lol so all of them could have been on the same ceremony LOL. but it's all good b/c some reason they still have gotten together, it's FATE lol. the ryojin one has a history of the adult ceremony so it not a long verison it show all the previous ones also Tackey and Tsubasa for an example aren't they lucky, they got to be together on the ceremony also. Now talking about this, it like almost coming up  also well there still  like months LOL but hmm is UCHI able to attend this.....???? most 86ers after/on March 86er to Feb 1987er....NEWS members will have Massu! ((UCHI!!)) Kitayama! who else im not sure about the johnnys jrs.. are any more jrs o 86ers??? or early 87ers??? Totsu??  no one from kanjani 8 since Uchi is the youngest member right, hmm KAT-TUN kame was the youngest so that pretty much cover YOU&J so of course all the senpai groups have passed that age...so only left are johnnys jrs. (and some news member left to go!!...shige, tegoshi and Kusano!!
30th-Sep-2006 10:48 pm - Welcome to the community!
I just made this for fun of course. and yes this is a ryopin's community! Please post any thing revelant to them only. You can post anything that is related to only one of them or both of them or all of them. But of course post of ryopin will be the best! 

Please respect the community! LOL b/c i do know taht there are some people that are totally against PIN that are RYOPI fans and vice versa so please respect if you don't like the idea of RYOPIN you do not need to be here. Thank You!
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